Software Development

Control the risks of implementing software projects. VBO-Services is an experienced development partner and delivers cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements.
  • Our prototyping and automatic software generation tools help us to develop applications having the stability of standard products and the flexibility of custom requirements implementation.
  • Our Design & Generate development process allows us to build high quality business software products faster with reduced and fixed costs.
  • We offer 2nd and 3rd level support services for software applications developed by VBO-Services.
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Reasons to Partner with VBO-Services

Our Solution: Automatic Generation of Software Applications

A new category of processes and tools was created to overcome the challenges of implementing the software projects, resulting in a highly efficient method that has better results compared with the old approaches. The automatic software generation is now the efficient process of producing software code directly from business models in the chosen technical architecture. The time spent for programming, testing and integration is saved. Also, from the same business model, different technical architectures can be implemented without additional effort.

VBO-Services offers the most comprehensive and flexible tool in this area: SW-ProPlatform. By using this premier solution we are able to eliminate the following top five reasons of an IT project failure, identified in recent researches:

Problem: Requirements – unclear, lack of agreement, lack of priority, contradictory, ambiguous, imprecise.

Solution: Interactive Prototypes

Visualization radically improves requirements. By using interactive prototypes the business requirements are validated, new requirements are uncovered and development can move forward with reduced ambiguity and true agreement between key stakeholders. SW-ProPlatform produces high-fidelity, interactive prototypes and generates automatically the concept documentation of business applications.

Problem: Resources – lack of resources, resource conflicts, turnover of key resources, poor planning.

Solution: Standardization and Documentation

Good developers are a scarce resource. Good developers that work well with an existing team of developers are even harder to find. In addition, the organization loses the intangible knowledge that good developers take with them when they leave. By using SW-ProPlatform, the software development is no longer an art; it’s a predictive, standardized and documented method to complete the projects.

Problem: Schedules – too tight, unrealistic and overly optimistic.

Solution: Clear Scope of the Project

A lot of factors contribute to unrealistic schedules: poor requirements management, the complexity of the technology, communication problems between business units and IT, the software development methodology, etc. SW-ProPlatform lowers the number of the implementation steps tremendously, uses prototypes for transparent requirements and the technological solution is resolved from the beginning.

Problem: Planning – based on insufficient data, insufficient details and poor estimates.

Solution: Agile Software Development

Issues such as customer and competitive requirements, time-to-market, architectural and quality considerations, staffing levels and expertise, potential risks, and many other factors must be carefully weighed and considered in project planning. SW-ProPlatform delivers an extremely agile, iterative Design & Generate process which allows development team to build optimal solutions.

Problem: Risks – unidentified or assumed, not managed.

Solution: Transparency for Managers

Because the software projects are seen as a “black-box”, the managers are not able to identify and analyze all the risks involved. The projects management needs transparency and efficient tools to measure the projects implementation. Cost reduction and control, project planning based on feedback from high-quality, ready-to-production software, business customers control over the projects and lower IT dependency are the benefits of using SW-ProPlatform.

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Design & Generate Development Process

Extremely Agile, Iterative and Efficient.

The automatic software generation is based on Design & Generate process which shortens tremendously the development time and involves a lot less resources:

  • Software Architecture Design - The main activity in this step is to build software code templates for all architectural layers, based on the chosen software architecture (Java EE 3-tier, .NET, SOA, etc.), using the preferred programming language (Java, C++, C#, Objective C, COBOL, Visual Basic, XML, SQL, etc.). SW-ProPlatform includes Java Business Framework 3 which already provides all the necessary templates for Java EE 3-tier and SOA architectures.
  • Business Process Analysis and Modeling - Business analysts together with object modelers create the first business objects model of application and use SW-ProPlatform to generate software code directly from this model, using the existing templates. For complex requirements SW-ProPlatform allow business analysts to design high-fidelity, interactive prototypes without help of IT department. This step takes normally 1-4 weeks per project or sub-project, depending on the project size, and delivers already 80% of application functionalities, ready to be deployed in production.
  • Iterations - The business object model is adjusted based on a delta concept coordinated by the business department using the already generated application. Also software developers implement code adjustments for functional blocks where is necessary. SW-ProPlatform takes over the software code which was written manually at every automatic generation. This iteration is repeated until the business application is ready for deployment in production. In practice, only one iteration is necessary for implementing the last 20% of the requirements and takes another 3-4 weeks per project or sub-project.

2nd and 3rd level support

Professional Software Support

We offer 2nd and 3rd level support services of applications developed by VBO-Services to restore failed services and applications as quickly as possible. Our professional services span but are not limited to:

  • Issue detection, diagnosis, analysis and solution delivery.
  • Workaround provision.
  • Hot fixes.
  • New releases and updates.
  • Service and feature packs delivery.

VBO-Services will professionally develop and implement new application enhancements, which may include transformation, migration, and extension of your current application or legacy system to keep it usable and relevant to actual customer’s needs.