Maintenance and Support

Reduce the TCO of our software tools. We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software tools total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure useful improvements and optimizations which allow our products to run smoothly and reliably.
  • Our training program guarantees the most powerful tools features are used and helps speed up your learning curve.
  • Our software tools maintenance and support services provides a cost-effective way to receive products updates and bug fixes and get technical support.
  • We offer customization services which enhance standard functionality of our software tools to meet specific needs of our customers.
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Training Program

Accelerate your adoption of technology

In order to help users learn SW-ProPlatform effectively, VBO Services has designed and set up a training course methodology which leads students through the implementation process of a software project from the ground up to completion:

  • Phase 1: Classroom Training - Hands-on learning is a very important part of the overall learning process of SW-ProPlatform. Attendees will be able to use the software and implement a project example step-by-step under the supervision and guidance of an expert. This phase takes 2 days within a group of maximum 8 attendees.
  • Phase 2: Remote Support - When users will be involved in their first real software project with SW-ProPlatform, we provide remote support for the first month.
  • Phase 3: Q&A and Review - After first month of working with SW-ProPlatform we meet again for a Q & A and review session for 2 days. After that we support users another two months remotely.

Software Tools Maintenance and Support

Maintain Your Investment

Your annual subscription to our software tools maintenance and support services will provide you with access to the following benefits:

  • Access to New Features - Increase your effectiveness and efficiency by using new products features delivered continuously via read access to our centralized Subversion repository.
  • Direct Technical Support - Resolve technical issues and get technical solutions through telephone, e-mail, and Web assistance provided by specialized support engineers.
  • Bug Fixes - Receive bug fixes via Subversion repository, as well as interim solutions from Technical Support.

Software Tools Customization

Expand standard functionality

To ensure customers take full advantage of our software tools, VBO-Services works closely with them to customize the solution to customer’s specific needs. Customizations can involve the following:

  • Changing the functionality, workflow, and processes of our products to fit specific business needs.
  • Defining the required configuration of our products.
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (colors, logos, images, layouts, screen behavior).
  • Creating templates for new programming languages.
  • Developing additional products functionality or capabilities.