INVERTO – Tender Management

INVERTO replaced the existing Tender Management application and implemented new add-ons in 8 months with reduced costs, after 4 years of unfinished development with the India Development Team.

Results Achieved

  • The development of a new application plus add-ons (contract management, online tender tool, raw material cost tool) was finished in 8 months.
  • The new application is 100% stable in production (before a daily reset was needed).
  • The new system replaced the old one "over the weekend" using a migration routine.

Customer Problems

  • Existing Tender Management application was unstable (daily reset).
  • Documentation was missing – changes in local resources were not possible.
  • The application development was not finished after 4 years.
  • The communication with India Development Team (30 persons) was very difficult.
  • New business requirements were not implemented.

VBO-Services Solution

  • A new business application was developed from scratch.
  • An effective data migration routine was provided.
  • The old application was replaced “over the weekend”.


  • Contract management.
  • Online tender tool.
  • Raw material cost tool.

Development Time

  • First working tool after – two weeks.
  • Final application with all add-­ons – 8 months.

Actual Status

  • Live and 100% stable.

About The Client

INVERTO was founded in 2000 and is an international business consultancy that focuses specifically on procurement and supply chain management.

Services Provided

  • Software Development
  • Maintenance and Support